Ghost Signs of NYC: A. S. Beck Shoes Book Excerpt

Frank Mastropolo
2 min readAug 21, 2022
128 West 34th Street ©Frank Mastropolo

This excerpt from the new book Ghost Signs 2: Clues to Uptown New York’s Past examines the sign that has improbably survived decades after the A. S. Beck shoe stores have disappeared.

”Fifteen years ago, A. S. Beck opened his first shoe store — on an idea,” read a 1925 ad in the New YorkDaily News. “He believed that if he were to put more style and more value than was customary for the price into the shoes he sold, the men and women of New York would be quick to recognize his efforts and he could look for his profits in increased sales, increased turnover and in additional stores.

“In A. S. Beck Shoes you get style, comfort and durability. There is not a fashion or last that the most exclusive shoe designer creates that does not find its way into A. S. Beck Shoes.”

1925 A. S. Beck advertisement. New York Daily News

Alexander Samuel Beck emigrated to America in 1888 from Eger, Hungary. Beck partnered with his brother Samuel and opened his first retail shoe store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn in 1909. The partnership was dissolved in 1914 and Beck opened another shoe store in Greenpoint.

By 1920, Beck’s business had expanded to 13 stores and was sold to the Diamond Shoe…



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